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Drouot Live - How to subscribe ?
Your account subscription on Drouot Live is free.

Thanks to your Drouot Live account, you can
"watch the sales".

To bid live, you have to "register".

Install the PUFFIN application to bid from your tablet or smartphone.

1Clic on "Log in to register". 2"Create your account and participate in live auctions". 3Once your account is created and validated (mail confirmation) log in and clic on "Register to bid live". 4 1/ If you have the Drouot Card, your banquing information has been recorded and your registration will be simplified.
2/ On some sales, you must register your credit card. A non-charged 2 euros transaction is carried out to verify the data of the card.
3/ Other sales, fill in your banquing information (IBAN or SWIFT).
5If your registration is by credit card, your registration is automatically validated.
Else, once finished your registration will be waiting for approval by the auction house organizing the sale.
A confirmation email will be sent once your registration is approved.
(N.B. This step may take a few days don't hesitate to contact the auction house if your registration hasn't been approved before the sale.)
6On some sales, bid limit is activated ; Its amount is specified in the validation information. You can always increase the bid limit by filing a bond.
7The day of the sale, log in to and clic on bid live.

You must click this button to activate the bid panel.
At any time, you can disable the bid panel.
On some sales, a bidding limit is activated ; The sum of your winning bids cannot go over this limit. At any time before or during the sale, you can increase your bidding limit.

In order to raise this limit, you can make a deposit coresponding to 10% of the desired increase.
For example to add, 1000 € you should deposit 100 €.
If you are interested in bidding for a lot, click "Interested". The Live operator will then be even more responsive to your bids.
Before bidding opens, and later between each lot, the message "Bidding not open" will be shown.
The message "price set" is displayed – the bidding button is now enabled.
Once bids have started, the "Interested" button becomes the "Bid" button. You can click the proposed amount at any time (please note you cannot set your own amount).
Someone in the room has just bid €1,000.
You click on the "Bid" button, and carry the bidding to €1,100.
The status of the bid is shown by a green button.
Someone in the room outbids you.
An online bidder places a bid for €1,300.
Someone in the room bids €1,400.
You bid €1,500.
You win the lot for €1,500.
The status of the bid is shown by a blue button.

After the sales

You need to contact the auction house, or wait for them to get in touch with you.
You will find their contact details in the catalogue available on the Drouot Live calendar. If the sale has already past, you will find this information on
The payment method will be agreed between you and the auction house.
Storage & Transport
We invite you to consult the terms and conditions of the sale.
Each auction house applies its own terms and conditions.
Transport Drouot-Géodis can arrange delivery of your purchase so you never have to leave the house.
Drouot Live - Contact us

For more information please contact us Indigo number : 0 825 008 116
(0,094 € HT for the 45 first seconds then 0,125 € HT / minute)